New Electrical Installation Services Morinville, AB

Residential and Commercial Electricians

Proper electrical installation leads to longer life and lower consumption.

For residential and commercial clients in the area, much of our work revolves around new installations, whether it’s washers and dryers for the home or a piece of industrial equipment for a factory. Regardless of what’s being installed or where, our certified electricians know how to perfectly evaluate its power needs and make sure the installation is done correctly.

The reason why it’s a good idea to leave new installations to the professionals at Delray Electric Ltd is that an improper installation can lead to many different problems, ranging from excessive energy consumption or appliance failure to an overloaded circuit that can create a dangerous situation.

All of our new electrical installations in The area come with the signature Delray Electric Ltd quality. For the work at hand, we’ll always use the highest grade of materials available and you can rest assured that the job site will be clean when we leave, including wall repairs when needed.

Delray Electric Ltd is a name you can trust for new installations. Call us today at (780)939-7186.

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